Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! Breastfeed, Sling & Teach !

Now why am I posting this here?

1st is because I love breastfeeding my boys and I love babywearing

2nd is because when serving Baha'u'llah & our broken world, we can still continue to be responsible & loving mothers! I breastfeed my baby in a baby sling and teach children class!

My oldest boy was breastfed till 2 years 2 months, my younger one is 20 month and still going strong! I've posted my breastfeeding stories & other related articles on my other blogs : click here & here if you want to read more...

I'm sharing this because we can all do it!

Both my boys went to children class even before they were born and they attended the class from 0 years! Now spiritual education begins before birth!

SO there's no excuse, everyone can serve and play a part however small to build a new world!

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