Friday, June 25, 2010

Inspiring Schools Around the World!

I have been dreaming about a Baha'i School. Whether is it opening one or working for one. It's a dream that I pray that will become a reality!

I have been researching wonderful schools around the world and if you have any to share please comment here or drop me an email.

Green School in Bali
A Waldorf inspired nature based, 'Learning by doing' school.
It's philosophy, it's commitment to our world, it's architecture is itself an inspiration!
Check out the website:


Forest Kindergarten (US)
An fascinating philosophy, where children learn from nature, in nature. Nature is God's magnificent creation and we can learn so much from it and by immersing ourselves in it. Why not have kids learn and play in nature?

"Research has shown that free play in nature increases childen's cognitive flexibility, emotional capacity, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, use of imagination, self-esteem, and self-discipline. It makes them smarter, more cooperative, happier and healthier. "

Japanese Pre-School
In Japan, there's also an interesting review on their kindergarten school system.

Interesting look at the different ways we are all brought up around the whole. Here we see confident, independent, orderly & happy children. They have field trips almost everyday, no textbook. They learn from the surroundings, different experiences, different sounds, sights, people, environment. Our world itself is a multi-sensorial stimulator! Travel and take kids out often, they learn a lot from these trips.

Here are just some of the wonderful schools I came across and it has inspired me to think and research future. What did Baha'u'llah envision True Education to be?
What type of education is necessary for the future generations? What type of education will enable us to develop our children with the essential skills to make the world a better place, to be leaders, to be able to be of service to humanity, to change to world, to rebuild this broken world. Education is the key to this transformation. But what type of education needed?

Let's ponder...

Next I will look on Bahai schools which are already established around the world.

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