Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ruhi Book 3 - Summarised Stories

Have you come across difficulty in trying to tell the stories of Ruhi Book 3 to younger children?

Here's a life saver! Our dear Aunty Peng has summarised the stories of Ruhi Book 3 and here's for you to download. I've added some clip arts for the first 3 stories to help the children visualize the stories. Most have never seen a Camel pulling a cart or a 'crowded' bus from the middle east.
You can continue to do for the rest, just search for the images in google. :) have fun!

For Ruhi Book 3, 1st 15 Lessons- Summarized stories of Abdu'l- Baha

Click 'More' to download document in pdf or print directly.
If you wish to edit it, click on the icon 'Scribd' to open it in another window and click on 'download' to choose the format you want to download in. If you like to edit the document before printing, download in word .doc format.

This worksheet is for use freely in Bahai Children Class around the world.
Please pass the word on and share it. :)

Bk3 15 Lessons Condensed

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pearlz said...

i really love your blog, and have shared it with a few of my friends.
i teach a bahai children's class and make notes on what I do as well.


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