Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thoughts on parenting...on education... on school.

There are lots of questions & concerns about parenting...

How do you bring up a successful child?

OR maybe we should ask ourselves this question first...

How do you judge the success of a person?

By his wealth? status?educational level?

Yes you can. But what a person does with all this wealth/status/knowledge is much more crucial as this determines his influence on others and his influence on society. The more the wealth the greater the influence, the higher the status, the greater the influence, the higher the educational level, the greater the influence.

So... isn't it vital for us to bring up children who can create positive influence to the society? make the world a better place?

So next question for us parents and teachers is how to bring up happy, smart, successful, independent, truth searching, service-orientated, loving children who will be leaders of society, a source of inspiration, a source of goodness?

There are so many programs out there that build the brain power of our children, from age 0 onwards, making one generation smarter than the previous. These program are wonderful! And they work! The power of scientific research on the way we educate our children is astonishingly powerful!

But, let's think, if we are building geniuses for the future, what are they going to do this intelligence? How are they going to use the knowledge they have? We don't know for sure. What will these geniuses invent to impact our society. By chance if it's positive, everyone benefits. But if not the world will become a more dangerous place tomorrow.

So how can we be sure that they will turn out alright? How can we be sure that our children will continue to make the world a better, safer, peaceful, greener, sustainable place to live in?

If we do not equip them with the right attitudes, believes and virtues to make the right decisions, to think for the betterment of the world, to work selflessly for others, to respect and treat all the same... what will they do when they are faced with challenges, pressure, temptations, difficult decisions?

Our job as parents/teachers is not to provide them the fish, but to provide them the tools and skills to fish for themselves.

I'm inspired by Montessori philosophy on the role of a teacher/educator:
"The role of a Montessori teacher is one of guide and observer, whose ultimate goal is to intervene less and less as the child develops."

We are so focus on academics, the maths, the sciences, the languages, even the music and arts.
But we forget that what lies under all these 'subjects' is of the utmost importance.
This understated attitudes, the core of what lies under all these is the most significant!

Religions forms the major part of our human history, yet if these religious history is left out and discussion of religious related, spiritual questions are considered taboo in schools & in our society, how is our children going to grow up with a strong factual foundation to grow up to combat the future? To build a better tomorrow?

That is why spiritual education is so so important. I can't say more. It's the missing piece to the puzzle. The one that completes the picture.

Our education system need to be reformed urgently to be aligned towards the priority of our lives, to be of service to our humanity. We should look towards Abdu'l Baha, his life like unto a candle, burning away drop by drop to gives its flame.

Let's waste no more time, let's work towards building our generations ahead with the right true education!

"Importance of Education" & see what you get... it's interesting how society views the purpose of education should be, and what God purposed education to be...

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