Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Great way to start the semester!

I have 2 lessons that can be taught as the first introductory class to the year.

This is the first one.

Walking a Spiritual Path

As we walk a spiritual path towards God, we discover within ourselves the gems and pearls. These gems are non other than our virtues and our reflection of the attributes of God such as Love, Kindess, Peacefulness, Truthfulness, Gentleness, Respect, Happiness...etc

Walking a Spiritual Pathway

will load the second one in the next few days.

A blog dedicated to Spiritual Education of children!

Creative training of young children spiritually.
Baha'i Children Classes are conducted all around the world by volunteer teachers to train and develop young minds spiritually through prayers, holy writings, virtues, creative art & craft, games and songs. We strive to offer our services to make the world a more peaceful and united place to live in. Everyone can play a part to change the world we live in in our little way.

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